Blog Post Prompt #1

Welcome to our class blog! Feel free to make yourself at home. This will be an archive of all of your wonderful, smart work during the semester.

For this first post:

After reading the excerpts (pg 1-20) from Derrida’s Archive Fever, discuss, in your own words, what Derrida means by ‘archive.’ You might consider how we relate to it? What this means about the past and future? Or what it means to alter the archive? Once you’ve done that sufficiently and thoughtfully, discuss what technology has done to the archive, both according to Derrida and using your own observations.

Please stay close to the text for this first post. Do close reading and thoughtful writing.

Remember // Blog post requirements:

Critical Blog Posts: 

1) Should engage with the text

2)  Refer to specific examples from the text under examination.

3) Pose at least one question for class discussion.

4) Be a minimum of 300 words.

5) Include a descriptive title and relevant tags for navigation and indexing.

6) Must be proofread and spell-checked.

**sign your name (or initials) at the bottom of your posts, like this.




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