Blog Post Prompt #2

Manoff notes that, “Scholars are raising questions about what counts as knowledge and what are appropriate objects of study in specific disciplines. One way these issues are framed is as a question about what legitimately belongs in the archive. Growth in the academic study of popular culture, for example, has led to the expansion of materials deemed appropriate for research library collections. These now include comic books, romance novels, and even video games. What is considered a legitimate contribution to the archive changes over time and is a function of the transformations of the disciplines and the shifting boundaries among them” (14).

And Halberstam writes that we ought to be making “contrary epistemologies” and “silly knowledge.”

Compose a blog post in which you put these two pieces in conversation with each other. Considering the quotes I’ve pulled out above–how might we make sense of contrary epistemologies in light of what Manoff is saying about the archive and “legitimate” contributions to the archive and/or knowledge.  Or, what do the two pieces mean by “knowledge.”

Pick out a couple quotes from both and work with them very closely to develop your own thoughts. You may think of this prompt as a loose starting point, but do closely engage with the texts.

Critical Blog Posts: 

1) Should engage with the text

2)  Refer to specific examples from the text under examination.

3) Pose at least one question for class discussion.

4) Be a minimum of 300 words.

5) Include a descriptive title and relevant tags for navigation and indexing.

6) Must be proofread and spell-checked.

**sign your name (or initials) at the bottom of your posts.




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