Social Media: Daily Archives

Derrida’s Archive Fever was a bit confusing to read especially with the pale print I was reading from.  But I have come to see how everything is achievable.

According to Derrida, an archive is “where things commence” and where they stand according to the law.  Archives are an organizational tool used to keep a record of what has come before.  In the past an archive was simple.  I imagine archives to be what you may find in a public library.  Stacks of old newspapers and official town business placed into boxes according to the dates at which they occurred.  A previous teacher explained to me how she spent weeks searching through archives on a subject for her book.  While archives are easier to navigate when kept in a specific order, they still keep the information safe even when thrown into a box and placed on a dusty shelf.  The subject she was researching wasn’t that old but the information in the archive was relevant and helpful.

Nowadays I would imagine archives to be much different.  In the near future when someone goes looking for archival information on what is happening in 2013, the stacks will be much more complex than before.  In fact the stacks most likely won’t be stacks at all.  Everything has been digitized to fix onto a small USB drive instead of taking up an entire shelf at the library.  Our history will be preserved through pictures and short articles, possibly even on websites and 160 character tweets and texts.  The organization of these newer archives are impeccable and are capable of storing even more information than before.

Archives have definitely changed but they will always hold the same purpose.  Archives have a correct order for their information.  Archives hold memories, scripts, news, events, and photographs.  Archives shelter archives within themselves to keep accurate time of the past.  An archive is like a history book with thorough details.

I find I may be thinking of archives on a much larger scale than necessary.  IF we are all creating our own personal archives for class is it possible that we all already have personal archives through our current and constant use of social media?  Will there be a need to write and document when we subconsciously document our daily lives every single day?


–          RLB


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