Amar’s Time

The video I watched is called, Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time).  Time seems to be a crucial element of the story, and one of the main points the director was trying to get across.  In the first half of the video, no one is talking. The only information that the viewer receives is the actual time flashed on the bottom of the picture.  It starts off at 3:58 AM, and the depiction of time is shown through the sleeping family.  Amar is the only one that is awake and beginning his day, even before the rooster.  One theme that I picked up on was that Amar seems very alone because of how he uses his time.  He is the only one awake, and he is shown on his newspaper route riding his bike alone on the empty streets.  After finishing the route he is alone studying before school.  He doesn’t get the chance to get ready for the day with the rest of his family because of his work commitments; he has to do it around 1 PM.  At night, he is the only one awake studying at 10PM while the rest of his family sleeps.  This makes the viewer feel like Amar does a lot more than the rest of the people in the movie. He is separating himself from them, perhaps on purpose because he has set a higher goal for himself.  He is off doing his own thing, and making the most of every minute. This is made evident by the flashing of the time on the screen.  We can see exactly what he’s been doing.  All of this makes the viewer feel compassion for Amar.  We can see how busy his day is and can sympathize with how exhausted he must feel. This leads the viewer to form a positive opinion of Amar, and recognize him for the work he does.   The entire video is mostly silent which, I think, allows the viewer to insert his or her own ideas of what Amar must be working toward.  He obviously has an end goal in mind of what he wants to do with his life based off of the title.

Another significant point in this video is the first time the viewer hears a person speak.  It is when Amar is in class reading aloud in English.  We watch him read a passage, and stumble a few times, but otherwise he reads English pretty well.  This lends to the credibility aspect of the film.  We see the hard work Amar puts into everything begin to pay off in little ways.

Since the film never allows Amar to speak of his hopes and dreams for the future, it left me wondering. What do you think drives Amar to do this every day?



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