Pushing the Boundaries

As an active member of the 21st century and of the social media generation I find pleasure in the expanding archival community.  Archives are used in order to document information that is considered factual.  Archival information is used for research.  When writing research papers for class it is almost enjoyable when that research can come from interesting sources and sources in which our generation is familiar with.  If the archival system was never updated with today’s technologies we would spend hours searching through libraries by hand, looking up book indexes through the card system and reading books cover to cover.  Archives have been shortened and compressed for easier access.  With a click of a button students (and anyone else who may be interested) can learn all the necessary facts needed for their research.  Searching for credible and usable sources through archives has become quicker and more efficient.

This updated archive should be what Manoff describes as “appropriate objects of study in specific disciplines” and should be viewed as legitimate sources.  Social media sites, gossip sites, magazines, tabloids, twitter feeds, and paparazzi photos should all be archived in order to fully remember and understand our generation for years to come.  These additions to what is considered archival information is a result of the ever changing boundaries among them.  If archives are used to preserve historical records, all mainstream pathways of information have the ability to contain and record historical information.

New and old will not always see eye to eye on what is legitimate knowledge in the form of archives, but what needs to be preserved will be preserved.  Having the ability to create and control our own archives allows us to push the boundaries of what is and isn’t legitimate knowledge.




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