A Life Revealed: Amar

This may be obvious, but what the director did to illustrate Amar’s life is show brief clips throughout Amar’s day.  By seeing what Amar’s days consist of, you can infer things about him and about his life.  For example, we saw Amar working various jobs, presumably because he’s poor and needs to do so.  Despite his young age, Amar seems composed and accepting of his reality.  We also see Amar reading throughout the short film.  From this we can infer that he is pursuing a better life, and that he’s putting in the work necessary to do so.

I think the most notable thing the director did was to not use any dialog.  Removing dialog gave it a very serious feel.  It really allowed the viewer to focus on his story.  Along the same lines, it didn’t move too quickly, and it gave you time to really think about his life and what he’s going through.  Dialog probably would have been more extraneous than useful.

I liked the scene where they showed Amar reading, while panning out and showing you some nicer parts of his area.  This implicitly showed the situation he’s currently in, the situation he could be in, and the fact that he’s working towards the latter.

I find myself asking myself, what was missing from the documentary.  I think the documentary didn’t reveal too much about Amar’s personality.  Is he serious?  Funny?  Thoughtful?  Kind?  We got the sense that he is hardworking, but we don’t know much about his personality.  Also, we don’t know much about his relationships.  We saw his primary family, but we don’t really know what his relationships with them are like.

I realize that the documentary was only 9 minutes long, so it might have been excessive to delve into all the details about his life.  What I’m saying then is that it’s an idea I have to potentially make it better.

– Adam Zerner


2 thoughts on “A Life Revealed: Amar

  1. I find it interesting how you pointed out what you felt was missing form this piece–do you feel that including additional insights into these things, such as personality and interpersonal relationships, would have added to or detracted from the central theme of the portrait?

    • I think that it could have added to it. The presence of additional insights would definitely be a positive. The problem is that the presence comes along with the fact that it’s more information to process, and thus would be detracting as well. I’m not sure which side of the trade-off would be stronger.

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