Two Sides to Every Story, each has a moral

I watched video project of “Charlie” and was really interested in his story.  I think the creator of the video captured a lot of good moments and aspects of Charlie’s life.  I do, however, believe that he was telling two separate stories.  The first half of the video was about Charlie’s job and the second half of the video was about the Zulema fire and how Charlie lost everything.  Besides one quick sentence towards the end where Charlie’s mentions both the fire and his change in careers I don’t see how these two components fit together.

In order to analyze this project I need to separate them into two different videos. The audio and visual elements of career path Charlie are not what I had originally thought would be how this project would look like, but it more and more of how I see mine panning out.  I love that the video footage is shot like a fly on the wall and Charlie’s story is just a voice over.  It takes away from the “interview” being awkward and uncomfortable.  The voiceover is like Charlie telling us his own story and at the same time showing us exactly what he does at work and what it all looks like.  It is good that while he is talking about his old job at PNC we never see that place or any signs of the PNC.  I think the speed at which he is talking is faster than the music and video.  This keeps me more alert and entertained.  The music also makes me feel like something bad might happen soon.

Then we shoot right to his apartment being on fire.  I really am happy with the way this story was directed from start to finish.  Using the live feed that was played on the news the morning of the fire was such a good addition to the hand recorded footage that takes up the majority of the video.  I was definitely interested in the fire story because it was about a community that I was a part of and am even friends with the girls who lived in the building connected to Charlie’s, their ceiling collapsed in the explosion and ending up losing everything except their cat and each other.  My favorite part of this piece was at the end when seeing the burnt building and Charlie staring up at it the person shooting the film never let Charlie completely out of the frame.  Although I wanted to see the rest of the burnt and crumbled building, that was not the point of the story.  Charlie was still in the picture because Charlie made it out of the fire.

I wonder if my story or the story I will create of my classmate will have some symbolic meaning like this one.




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