Creating a Freeze Frame

While producing your video, you may find yourself in a situation where you want to add a freeze frame.  In my case, I wanted to create a freeze frame and place a title on it as well.

First, open your project in Adobe Premiere Pro.  You should already have an idea of where you would like to place your freeze frame.

  1. Find the selected clip within your sequence where you want to place your freeze frame. Use the razor tool to cut the frame you would like to freeze apart from the rest of the clip.
  2. Image

2. Find the end point of the frame you’re freezing on and use the razor tool to make another cut.

3. Move the part of the clip that comes after the frame you just separated and move it down so you can isolate and see your freeze frame.

4. Right click on your isolated frame. Choose “Frame Hold” from the menu that appears.


5. Another dialogue box will appear. Check the box next to “Hold On.” This means that the freeze will hold on the beginning of the frame. You can also choose to hold the freeze on the end of the frame by choosing “Out Point” from the drop-down box in the same dialogue box.

Image6. From here, you can choose how long you would like your freeze frame to last for by dragging the edge of the clip to the right.


Now you can continue tacking on bits of your video to the end of the freeze frame. In my case, I wanted to add a title onto the freeze frame. To do this, create a title as you would to place it over moving frames. Drag the created title down onto your freeze frame and adjust to the length of your freeze frame.

You can see how I used my freeze frame in the video below:


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