Increasing/Decreasing the speed of a clip

There is a lot of running in my video portrait, and to make it more fun, I wanted to know how to speed up and slow down video. I didn’t notice this effect in any of the other tutorials, so I decided to figure out how to do it myself. It is actually a very simple process. I will explain the process using screenshots. If you have any questions about how to use the effect, please feel free to ask me in class tomorrow.

1) Step one is to choose the clip that you want to speed up or slow down. You can select the clip by dragging it to your timeline and then highlighting it. You will know the correct clip is highlighted when it turns a gray color (like the clip highlighted in the picture below).


2) Step two is to click the “Clip” tab in the top bar. Next, select “Speed/Duration”. As pictured below.


3) The next box that appears will hep you speed up or slow down your clip. The box should look like the one in the picture below.


4) Keeping the speed at 100% will maintain the actual speed of the clip. If you would like to make your clip faster, increase the percent. Your clip will be 3 times as fast if you choose 300%. If you would like to slow down your clip, decrease the percent. Your clip was be half as fast if you decrease the percentage to 50%.

5) The audio pitch will automatically become higher if you speed up, and slower if you slow the clip down. To stop this from happening, select the “Maintain Audio Pitch” box.

6) If you reverse the speed, then the clip will play backwards.

Hope this helps!



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