Luma Blending Effect: Adobe Premier Pro

The Luma Blending Effect is a more advanced version of a concept we discussed briefly in class. Professor Campbell showed us how to have two different videos playing simultaneously next to each other on the screen. We also learned how to lowering the clarity of an image/ clip. However, this effect takes it to the next level. My project deals with a lot of inanimate objects. I have been trying to find a nice blend of my two subjects (Kayla and shoes), but I have had trouble finding a balance. For this problem, the Luma Blending Effect can prove to be very beneficial.

I found this tutorial on YouTube that walks you through the way to perfect this technique. It starts focusing on this method a little after the 5-minute mark. However, to save you some time (and so I could get more practice with this skill) I outlined the steps of this technique.

  1. Drag a luma matte jpg to the editing screen
  2. Extend the length so it corresponds with desired clip
  3. Go to select control panel –> Motion tab
  4. Adjust the scale until it fills the entire screen
  5. Do a marque select on your clips in track 2
  6. Go to the effects browser and type “track matte”
  7. Select the track matte key and drag it to your selection
  8. Select the first clip in track 2
  9. Control panel –> select Track Matte Key
  10. Change the matte from none to video 3
  11. Change the composite from matte alpha to mate luma


I think this is a very useful thing to learn because it can help you incorporate different shots into the frame. In movies, you have probably seen this most when it is highlighting portions of clips over a span of time. It has the ability to show multiple meaningful scenes within a matter of seconds. In my case, it will be more of a highlighting montage because I plan on mixing videos and pictures. I think it will be able to help make the pictures more captivating by adding an element of motion to them.

– TS


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