Concerned Citizen

For this blog post I am having a very difficult time teaching the class something I have learned while using Adobe Premiere Pro because I have yet to learn anything on Adobe Premiere Pro.  I am really interested in learned and exploring on this program but I feel like an alien when I open the program.  In class we have only used it once with a partner.  I have just downloaded the free trial software to my computer tonight and am beyond confused as to how it works.  When trying to follow along with the tutorials online I get lost almost immediately.  My screen looks much different than what is being shown on tutorial making it hard to mimic the instructor’s actions.

Unfortunately I do not have anything to show my classmates because I am still trying to grasp the simple concepts of this program.  Not to sound rude and ungrateful but I would have liked to be able to spend more class time practicing with this software before immediately diving head first into a video project.  I feel overwhelmed with the idea of creating something worthy of being submitted in just two short days.  I recall Trisha saying something about submitting our final video portrait out of class, so I am hoping that means it will be extended a few extra days.  I could use the extra time to explore the effects and features of the adobe program in order to produce a much more appealing piece for our first project.

If I were to try and do this blog post the correct way and show you something new I would have most likely infringed upon a copyright law.  It is better that I don’t attempt superiority by attempting to teach you all something that I know nothing about.

Hoping I can learn a lesson from all of you



One thought on “Concerned Citizen

  1. I am right there with you! I have been frantically trying to grasp as much as possible and thus far I feel extremely accomplished just to have cut my clips and put them in order. Read my post about came upon the premiere pro section this weekend and it has complete how to’s specifically for the new cc version so hopefully that will help you out! P.s. I am also hoping for that extension!!

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