Making an Graphic Title (via Photoshop)


I’m a big fan of Photoshop, and similar programs. So, I wasn’t surprised that when I was making my video that I decided to use my skills in Photoshop to make graphics to enhance my video. I was also really unsatisfied with the fonts offered by the Adobe Premiere Pro programs to create a title, so I took matters into my own hands to make a semi-transparent graphic title.

1. We’ll be using Photoshop for this, so open it up. While it’s loading, use this time to look through your font book and pick out some fonts that you like. Fonts are weirdly important, because they can help set the tone of the entire video. I decided to use one of my favorite clean, sans-serif fonts, Bebas to help give my entire video a more modern edge. You can download it for free! Free is good.

2. Okay, now that we have a font and have photoshop open, let the graphic making begin. In this tutorial, I’m going to make a circle graphic (because circles are nice). 

3. Start a new project. Make it the same size ratio as your video to reduce the risk of quality loss: mine was 1920px by 1080 px. 


4. Make a new layer (Layer –> New). Keep it transparent. Afterward, delete the first layer (the background layer). You’ll get a really weird result, all checkered background. This is okay.




5. Now that we have the transparent background, we can add our text. Click the text tool in the left toolbox. It’s the T. Now you can type whatever you want your title to be. Mine was “Meet Tory”, nothing special. Make sure your font is black! This will be critical later on.



It doesn’t really matter where on the screen you put the text, since Adobe Premiere Pro makes it super easy to move still frames across the screen.

7. Now it’s time to make our circle. Make a new layer, still transparent. Hold down the select tool, and choose the circular option. You could also pick the rectangular selection tool, if you want, I chose the circle in this case. Now, starting above the top left hand corner of the text, drag it towards the right hand corner to make a circle. Make sure your circle is a true circle and not an ellipse by watching the measurements of it as you draw.


Now that you’ve selected a circular area, you can paint it whatever color you want. Use the paintbrush tool to really fill it in. Now, go to Select –> Deselect to unselect the circle. You’ll find your text has disappeared- never fear! It’s simply in the layer behind our circle. Go to your layers section and simply drag the text layer to be on top of the circle layer. You can use the move tool to re-center it, if you need.


That doesn’t look awesome now, but it will! Time to save your document. Save it as a .gif file! I’ve found through trial and error that Adobe Premiere Pro will always accept this image files. 

8. Go to Adobe Premiere Pro, and import your graphic file. It should look like this…



Now the cool part. Select and drag your image to be on top of your video file. Literally, in the video layer above the video you want to layer with.


To make our graphic semi-transparent on our video, select the graphic, go to Effect Controls, and then Opacity, and then set the blend mode to screen. Screening a layer makes all of the black go away! It’s a most magical tool. And now we have a cool graphic title! It’ll hang out on top of your video for however long you want it to.






you can check out my work in progress here


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