Using to learn Premiere Pro CC

As I work through the video portrait assignment, I must admit I feel as though I am facing more challenges than progress I can show for it.  Nonetheless, as I work to overcome these challenges and move forward, I discovered a tutorial site that Technology Services offers Pitt students for free that could help make all of our lives a bit easier.

You may have noticed that many of the tutorials we watched for class were from Adobe TV, but produced by  Well Lynda,com typically requires a membership with monthly fee, much like the new creative cloud suite, but once inside, it offers every tutorial you may imagine for just about any software you desire to learn.

After making the realization that our free access to this site could help provide instruction on how to use the updates seen in Premiere Pro CC, I thought it might be nice to share this discovery with all of you!

1. Go to  This will bring you to the technology resources page with instruction on how to use the free membership.


2. In the “Get Started” section, click the log-in button.


3. Type in your my.pitt username and password to gain full access to the site.

Once there, you can look around and see all that they have to offer.  For the purpose of learning the new Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro, I continued to the Premiere Pro library.

4. Hover your mouse over the software tab, move over and click the letter “P”, then go down to Premiere Pro in the right column.  You will see that Lynda offers 48 different tutorials for the program.


5. I focused on the tutorials for the new version, as I mentioned, however you can see here that you can search through by version, skill level, or subject to help you determine which might best suite your needs.


6. Selecting “Premiere Pro CC Essential Training” you can see here that while the entire tutorial is over 8 hours long, it is divided into smaller chapters and mini-lessons within each chapter to help you focus even further on what exactly you need to learn.


I know I will be utilizing this as a resource as we move forward.  I hope my insights can help some of you with your projects as well!  Happy learning!



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