Rough Cut: Video Portrait of Annelise

Here is a rough cut of my video portrait of Annelise. (If anyone has any feedback on how to re-format it so there aren’t those black bars on the sides, that would be awesome!)

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About J.E.B.

Six years ago I moved across the state to attend the University of Pittsburgh. I fell in love with this place and this city. But this blog is a little bit more than that - it's for all the people like me, who have passion and a thirst for exploration but don't totally know where they're going. I'm just trying to navigate my way. Life is an adventure, and this is my travel log.

One thought on “Rough Cut: Video Portrait of Annelise

  1. I absolutely loved your camera work with this video. As far as the black bars, maybe try messing with the pixel aspect ratios… That may work. There is a tutorial all about this on the class website that demonstrates this element of premiere in regards to a video of a rose bush.

    If that doesn’t work, I can look into it more for you, if you’d like! But seriously, great work here.


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