Video Portrait of Sarah Meyers




3 thoughts on “Video Portrait of Sarah Meyers

  1. You did a really great job of adding an extra layer of information – I especially loved “Sarah’s Tips for Being a Writer.” I loved how you Sarah’s laugh continued throughout the video! It really brought her ‘character’ to life.

    – LH

  2. As was commented in class before, the filming you did was really strong, the lighting very nice as well. I felt the quick little clips you included of Sarah gave almost just as much information about who she is a person as the longer interview portions. I especially loved when she was sitting in the plaza, bobbing her head about and saying “Haayy.” Also the part when she is talking to her cat as she sets him on the ground and says “Okay!” Those little moments made me smile, as did hearing her bright laughter throughout. I felt as though I knew her by the end of the video. Job well done!


  3. You did a really great job of consolidating some of the interview clips to really show us who Sarah is without letting us get to wrapped up in one particular aspect of her. I also loved the song you ended with–it really honed in on what Sarah had just described and was a nice close.

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