Hotel Hauntings

ImageAll of these photos were truly disturbing to me, and on some deeper level, they were even intriguing.  This image specifically left me with a particularly weird feeling of me wanting to know more.  I think the photographer captured this feeling partially because it has all the basic components of a great picture.  To start, it has a great sense of depth, created by the perspective and doorframe in the left back corner. Since it is shot in landscape, the viewer has a sense they see the whole room. Being able to see the three walls creates this sense while also giving the focus of the image a frame. 

Which brings me to my next point: the main focus and how there really isn’t just one.  I would have first said the chairs spewed across the floor, but the longer I look, I start to think of other things as the focus, such as the rays of light coming through the skylight. I think because we don’t know exactly what the main idea is meant to be is the main reason I became so intrigued.  The lighting was phenomenal, especially considering that the only light source is the rays of sunlight that are peering through the skylight. One advantage of this being the only light source is that it creates a middle ground in the image because of the contrast between the lightness of the middle of the room versus the darkened, almost faded, foreground and background. Furthermore, the light streaming through the middle of the room gave a variety of different shadows in different directions which is unique to such photo lighting,

Overall, the image captured by the photographer is extremely effective in creating a haunted feeling, almost as if the chairs thrown about the room were very recently the seats of hotel guest enjoying brunch in the ballroom.  




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