If you want to give your photo a cool splatter effect then keep reading!


1. Select the photo you want to manipulate and put it into a layer.

2. Duplicate the layer so you have two identical layers.


3.  Add a clipping mask to one layer and click “control + i”.


4. Go to the “Filter” drop down menu and click liquify.


5. A screen will come up that allows you to pull the edges of your photos in whichever way you desire




6. Click OK.

7. Now choose the other layer that is the duplicate and add a clipping mask to this one as well.  

8. Go to your tool bar and choose a splatter brush of your choice.

9. Click as much as you want until you get the effect you’re going for.  DON’T DRAG THE BRUSH THOUGH. 






 10. Now click on the other layer and do the same thing with the splatter brushes in order to make the splatter look like it’s coming off of the image. 


11. Choose a cool background and then you’re done!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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