From Semi-Cool to Spooky Using Photoshop CC

For this DIY blog post, I wasn’t sure what to focus on since everything I was hoping to learn how to do has already been covered in class and the tutorials. So I decided to play around in Photoshop and see what I could come up with. The result ended up actually being pretty cool, and it involved using some of the adjustment layers that I wasn’t familiar with.

I started with this photo I took a couple years ago. One night I looked out of my bedroom window and saw the coolest, eeriest looking full moon emerging from behind the clouds. Of course I took a picture, but my camera didn’t fully capture the awesomeness of this scene like I had hoped:


The first thing I did in Photoshop (after I saved a new .psd file, of course) was play with the brightness and the contrast, like so:


Then, I adjusted the curves. I didn’t really know what curves were, but a little research told me that it is a method of adjusting the tonal “inputs” and “outputs,” which as far as I can tell is a fancy way of saying light and contrast. Curves are similar to levels and can help achieve different effects like exposure. I played around with the curves until I liked the result, which brightened up the clouds even more and amped up the contrast around the edge of the moon.


It looked like this:


Which was pretty awesome, but still missing something. I explored the selective color tool in the adjustment layers, which gave me a dialogue box with different sliding scales for all the colors. I lowered the Cyan one just a tiny bit, and raised the Black one a little bit more, and the end result was this:



Creepy! Much more like the moon I remember seeing out of my window when I took the picture.




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