Michaelis Boyd

Utilizing the advice of some of my class mates, I also found that Site Inspire was a good starting point to find some creative inspiration for my own website and thought I would share my findings with all of you.

The site of Michaelis Boyd, an architect and restorative general contractor/designer, caught my attention because of how graphic yet simple the homepage appeared.  It is simply a semi-transparent overlay of his initials with an image from his portfolio displayed in the background.  Upon linking directly to the site, I found that there were some interesting features to this opening image as well.  First, it changes with each visit so as to display numerous pieces of his work instead of just one.  Below is an example of one that I landed on.


Also, once on the landing page, scrolling down eliminates this landing image and reveals the true homepage of the site.  I enjoyed this fun welcome and also the way that the page was formatted.  It begins with a simple navigation pane across the top with section headers of work, about, journal, contact, and a search box.  In the upper left, the most frequently viewed part of a webpage, remained his name.


Hovering over each of the navigation options reveals further sections that fall under each category to help a visitor arrive at the precise information they are looking for.  Alternatively, it is also possible to navigate to these additional parts of the website by hovering over any of the images listed in a block-style gallery on the remainder of the page.  Each image changes upon each visit as well to highlight one of the firm’s past projects.  While hovering over the image, a transparent green box appears and reveals the title of the project and a few words describing what category it is classified under or what the project focused on.


In addition to the photographs, the homepage also displayed grey boxes with a green focus word and a short quote about one of the key focuses of the company as they embark on their projects.

I felt this was an excellent method for bringing to life the mission of the company and providing evidence for their work to the audience, potential customers, in a professional, yet appealing manner.  I felt like the site, with its changing homepage was designed just for me and tailored to allow me to chose my preferred method of navigation.  I could either enjoy scrolling through the projects, or search specifically for one that I wanted to see.  The combination of features and navigation capabilities left me feeling capable and well informed without frustration.

The colors of the site, a deep green and light grey were pleasant and complimented the purpose of the firm well.  Those are two colors I would associate with construction and restoration and they are also very pleasing to look at repeatedly, keeping that professional yet simple flow.  The design of the blocked images was also very appealing and continued that professional feel.

These simple, yet professional features are all elements of design I would like to incorporate into my own site.  I feel the layout of projects on the homepage as images that can be hovered over or clicked on for additional details is a very appealing way to display a graphic portfolio without overwhelming the audience.  While I feel the revealing of a new page after beginning on a landing page might be more advanced coding than I will learn in a few short weeks, it is something I would be interested to try and incorporate as I gain experience.

Checkout the site for yourself and learn more: http://michaelisboyd.com/



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