simple and pretty

I want my website to be professional but still creative. As graduation looms I want a website that will impress future employers. Looking for jobs in the writing and communication fields allows for a lot of room with creativity. I really like the simple websites. I want to utilize lots of white with pops of color in order to draw a viewer’s attention.

My inspiration for my website is from the website/blog called the LoDown. It is run by Lo Bosworth, my favorite Laguna Beach girl. Yup.



I actually started watching her YouTube channel and am even more inspired by her open sequence of footage. I love the way the sun shines through the top of the video. I would like to add a video entry to the website to really show creativity and skill (a skill I would have to teach myself of course…)


I am also interested in using circles and squares as links to other pages. I am pretty sure that most of that would be created in Photoshop and then hyperlinked in Dreamweaver. I want this photoshoped shapes to be the navigation and links throughout the whole site.



I found these four websites on I really liked these four sites for their basis layouts and minimal amount of colors. These sites are very clean are a result of the simple design and basic colors. Even with a simple design I find it to be very accessible, useable, and professional – all three aspects I wish to create with my website.




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