Taking a New Perspective



As I was flipping through a gallery of different website designs, this one immediately jumped out at me.  The website is for a woodworking company, but the website made it obvious that the company made more than just tables and chairs.  The stark white of the background contrasts with the warm browns of the wood in the pictures, drawing the eye to the pictures.  At first, you cannot tell what the pictures are of, and it causes you to look closer, literally giving you a different perspective of the woodwork being exhibited.

The white background gives it a clean look, which directly reflects the style of woodwork the company does.  The way the diamonds fit together prevent the space from looking too cluttered and busy.  Instead, it looks organized and underwhelming, which is good, since you never want website elements fighting for the visitor’s attention.

What I found to be the most intriguing part of this website is the way it moves when you click.  Most specifically, if you click on the “Portfolio” button at the top right of the screen, it scrolls you down the page to a little photo gallery.  This gallery is set up in a series of three diamonds.  The largest diamond in the middle is completely solid, enabling you to click through the pictures of that particular project.  When you click the orange arrow to move to the next project, all the pictures in the diamonds shift to the left, placing the new project in the center diamond.  The motion is very fluid and quick.  There is no delay between the click of the mouse and the motion of the photos.

There is not much text on the page, but the text that is there is simple and clean.  The text in the logo differs from the text in the navigation buttons, which differs from the text in the “Services” and “Contact Us” sections.  Having different fonts for each section helps differentiate what goes together and what is separate.  Simple text also ensures that it is readable, and it looks clean, which fits in with the white background and straight lines of the layout.

Overall, this website has a unique design I would not have thought of myself.  Using the perspective photos on the index page really draw the visitor in and makes them want to learn more about the company and what they can do.



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