Web analysis- TN Tourism


d.I started off by looking at “great website designs” and after scrolling through, one in particular caught my eye.  It is a website for the state of Tennessee, and it is advocating tourism in the fall season. The first image you see upon entering the website is of wax candles that are in fall colors.  It is a close up shot, and it draws you in because it has a nice composition.  Over that is a circle with the word “fall” in large font, and Tennessee 2013.  Above this is a semi-translucent black bar with tabs to navigate various sections of the site. The layout, however, is very vertical on the homepage. As you scroll down, the layer with the candles slowly lifts up to reveal the next photograph which is of food you can get when visiting Tennessee in the fall. On the bottom of this image is an area to click to go to that section of the website if that is what you are interested in.  It continues in this manner for the next three images which represent music, shopping and fall foliage.  All of the images are compelling and have fantastic composition.  The font is also fun and changes with each photo.

music dd

I think this site works for me because it is very visual and the navigation is pretty cool as you scroll down.  Initially the pretty colors in the candles caught my eye and as I scrolled down, each of the following images were just as good.  The font was also something I particularly enjoyed.  I especially liked the one for the “fall foliage” section which appeared to be hammered from metal.  The whole website has a really cool vibe to it.

Obviously the purpose of this site is to get people to travel to Tennessee in the fall months.  I think it does a good job of persuading people because the website is so cool, and this might make people think that TN must be pretty cool too.  Each page is also informative, so people who are interested in travelling will have all of the necessary information to do so.

When trying to figure out the design for my site, I think I’ll keep in mind that compelling photos and images really help to build a foundation for a good site.  Font also plays a role in drawing the viewer in.   Obviously, the cool navigation is great, but I’m not sure how attainable that is as a “beginner”, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind..





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