Analysis of Built By Buffalo

I love four things in a website—something that’s crisp, easy to navigate, multidimensional, and pretty. At least, those are the four things that stuck out to me as amazing on the website I decided to analyze for blog post #8. I found a website to write about ( through googling web design galleries per Dr. Campbell’s advice. The page is for a company of web designers, so it makes sense that their website showcases their best work. Everything about it, from the color scheme to the graphics and menu options is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. I felt the designers also artfully crafted the website, mindfully keeping their company ethos in mind, so clients and other visitors to their site instantly get a feel for their staff and services.


The colors are very simple—blue orange and gray. They are used tastefully and sparingly throughout the website. They also put a lot of white space on their site to keep it looking modern and clutter-free. The white space helped keep me from feeling overwhelmed by all the information contained throughout their site.

Their home page draws beautifully on our website literacy and familiarity with logos and image/text relationships to convey a lot with very few words. At the top the site says “Built by” and then a picture of a buffalo—the company logo. I instantly recognized this to mean the website was a company website called something along the lines of “Built by Buffalo”. Drawing on the buffalo analogy, a simple black headline reads “A Higher Plain”, metaphorically alluding to their superior talent and work. From the front page, I don’t know exactly what the company does, but I can see they are professional, modern, clever, and talented. I also do not feel frustrated by not knowing exactly what they do because a simple navigation menu at the top of the homepage makes it very easily for me to visit their “About”, “Work”, and “Contact” pages.

The navigation tools of the website really made it great for me. Instead of using cheap looking “next” navigation links, they use colorful circles, buttons that light up when you scroll over them, and disappearing text that reveals photos beneath to guide visitors through the site.

The site uses simple fonts and no chintzy stylization tricks (such as italics or bolding) to grab reader attention. They allow their stellar graphics and photos to do the communicating. This is what makes their website great—they allow its many elements to cohesively collide, so that none of them are overwhelming to us. They use a balanced mix of photos, text, and graphics to convey their messages.

The main message I took away from analyzing this website is that you cannot convince a visitor to your site how great your site or company is simply through words. A simple and artistic presentation of the contents of your website are the best way to convey your professionalism and credibility as a website creator. This also in turn makes your website easy to navigate and makes visitors want to continue clicking through your links. Before writing my code, I will decide on a simple color palette to use throughout my site. I also feel very motivated to create some graphics for my site in Photoshop after seeing the awesome graphics on Built by Buffalo. They bring such a creative and unique element to a website, that sets it apart. Their website also has a distinct persona, with writing of one single voice throughout the site. This is also something I will definitely keep in mind when making my website, making sure to use a voice that will appeal to my audience.



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