Satorisan, It Means Understanding

Image is an online shoe store with a cutting edge website that embodies and displays their philosophy and their product with synergy.  The home page is colorful and eye catching, it invites the viewer to explore what the website has to offer. Navigation is simple. The page does not scroll down neither on the home page or any page after.  Instead, each page scrolls side to side. There are a simple six tabs located at the top of the screen that lead the viewer to all of the pages. Each of the different pages has large clear pictures or videos that give the viewer a very close look at their product. These photographs are the dominating rhetorical device. Text is limited which provides more emphasis on the product itself. Additionally, the choice the designer made in colors helps to guide the viewer’s eye to the shoes. Clickable links are also emphasized by the use of a bright green text box or underline.

What “works” for me about this website is its overall simplicity and emphasis on visual detail over text. The website tells the message of the Satorisan brand visually. Much like a photo essay, the text is there to support the visual story, not to tell it. The purpose of this website is to sell its product so, it makes a lot of sense that the visual emphasis is on just that. The quality and style of the photos and videos used reveal the details of the product and function in selling that product to the viewer.


While I will not be selling a product, I really like the lack of vertical layout in this particular site. I also really like the large, high quality photographs and the “show don’t tell” philosophy. I have found this site to be very inspiring and am now imagining my final site as something closely related.


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