Website Design

ImageSo for this week, I decided that Iwould browse the web at your suggestion in order to find a website design that I think would be helpful when planning out my own design modules.   Although I found some really unique and cool designs, I think the link to the website I posted, C-Roots, was the most reasonable and effective designs for the type of website I plan to create.  Mostly, I plan on making a website that will allow me to showcase my resume, writing samples from class, professional writing, class projects (such as from this class), a studio art portfolio, and published articles. I’m thinking of this website almost as an online resume of sorts.  Hence, I chose C-Roots because of the first image that is displayed upon viewing the page.  Once you pull up the page, the site opens up to a matte background that is colorful but blurred enough to allow the eye to focus on the words of the page.  It has a simple bubble text (similar to what I used and loved using in Ellie’s video).  Stemming out from the bubble are the options Work, Contact, News, People, and About.  I love that these options are clearly outlined and visible and that the opening page is not taken over and weighed down in text.  I think for my project, I would change these stems to About Me, Resume, Writing Portfolio, Published Work, Art Portfolio, Class Projects (which would link to our page), and maybe a few other things that I’m pondering still.   SO overall, this C-Roots website definitely worked for me for a few basic reasons.  First, it was simple yet intriguing – I automatically wanted to click through the different stems to explore through the website.  Second, the visual design was set up in a way that let me focus on the text, but still conveyed a fun vibe, when for example, you click on a stem and five more stems pop out and jump over the page.  Finally, once I finally clicked to the page I wanted from the stem, the outline of the actual page was visually and contextually appealing – it was clean cut and straightforward, but elaborated well on the subject that I felt like I was learning what I was looking for. This is similar to how I hope to create a website.





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