How to make your kids fully flushed, scalable, and fixed.

Kids as in baby goats of course. Everybody loves baby animals but how do you get an image of baby goats to really make an impression as the background of a website? First, you can make the kids Really Big, in other words you can have your image fully flushed with the internet browser window. Then you can make the kids follow any adjustment made to the browser size, this is where making your image scalable and fixed comes in.

First find your kids and open Dreamweaver…


Once you have new HTML and CSS files opened, we can start by making the image fully flushed. In your CSS file make a new rule called “.background.” You’ll want to make the following settings …


Then link your CSS file to your HTML document. In the “body” tag you’ll want to create the background “class.” This way the CSS rule you’ve created will be applied to this tag. Then just for fun you can add text in an “h1” tag. This text will appear over the background image. You may also want to add some “br” tags to add length to your page. At this point, the image should fully fill the web browser, making the kids Really Big, and your text should appear over the image.


Next you’ll want to further refine the CSS rules for your image to make the kids scalable and fixed on the browser. In your CSS document add the following rules…

background-attachment: fixed;

background-position: center

background-repeat: no-repeat;

These additional rules will cause the kids to scale to the size of the browser. It will also cause the center of the image to always be in the center of the browser window.



And that’s how you make your kids fully flushed, scalable, and fixed.



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