Slap a poll on your page! (survey that is)

Who doesn’t enjoy filling our a quick one question survey that asks you a random question about, say, your favorite celeb?  Keep reading and you’ll quickly learn how to add some interaction to your page.

1.  You have to create your survey by registering for an account at, it’s super easy.


2.  Once you get into your account you’ll see that they give you sample questions.  You need to delete those by clicking the trashcan that appears on the question when you hover your mouse over them.  Then just click the “+” sign to create your question.


3.  Type up your question and answers.   Then choose the setting you want for your survey.  Then click save!


4.  Now find the tool box on the right hand of the page and click the button that says “get survey embed script” when you hover it.


5. Finally, copy and paste the script into the respective area in your webpage’s HTML.

WHAM, BAM, THANK YA MAA’M.  Ask away at your audience!


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