Behind the Scenes – The Reality of Making a Podcast

For this post, I chose to write about Radiolab:Behind the Scenes for a couple of reasons – the most prominent being that I am not that into Podcasts. It’s not that I am not a good listener, it’s just that its a territory that is unvisited. Anyways, I thought this would be helpful for me in going forward with this project and give me the basics of the process (thankfully, it did!)

In terms of the way this video is put together, I think it mimics the flow of a podcast/audio recording. It starts out with some background information (who the Radiolab reporters are), adds details of who they are and where they are going. The essence of recording audio comes from weaving together snippets of audio to create the whole recording. The two reporters did this throughout the video, mimicking the way an audio recording is created. By building upon what the other one said, it really allowed me to think of what they were saying as a mode of storytelling. It’s easy to forget that you yourself tell stories all day, every day. If you think of your audio as a casual conversation, you get a great story – a view of another person’s story.

For me, the biggest takeaway is the planning that goes into a successful podcast/audio recording. In my mind, I always thought Podcasts were just conversations that happened naturally without any planning. Because it’s a sound recording, it’s difficult to actually see the planning that went into it because you’re listening with your ear only. How do we switch from using our eyes and ears to just using our ears when creating something ? Simultaneously, how can we convey what we saw with our eyes by only using our ears?




1 thought on “Behind the Scenes – The Reality of Making a Podcast

  1. I agree with your observation about the planning–it’s so hard to imagine all these elements needing to be planned since they sound so coherent! Yet it can’t be an easy process to just “make it happen” (although it would be nice if it could!).

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