Behind the Scenes

Radio lab: Behind the Scenes

“45 minutes for 1 minute”

This quote was taken from “Radio lab: Behind the Scenes,” it has embodied how I felt about the video when I watched it for the first time.  I am shocked that they would spend so much time working on something that would only end up being one minute of their show.

I’m really surprised at how much of practice and multiple takes they do for each piece.  I had always assumed that podcasts were just one person or a couple of people talking on the whim.  I never thought about the process behind each podcast.  It is like hearing a newspaper being read out loud.  A newspaper doesn’t have one single writer writing whatever they wish.  They have ideas, they have writes, and rewrites.  Lots of people, ideas and time go into each newspaper or magazine article so it makes sense that podcasts are done in the same way.

Sound is used in order to do what it is supposed to do.  They want you to hear it all in a specific way.  The two men in the main podcast are two specific and distinct voices.  The main “characters” of the podcast are Jad and Robert.  It is easy to tell the difference between these two people.  Having multiple voices, and multiple personalities shine through with just sound enhances the story for the listener.

Because this is really professional you can see the two Radio lab voices in their professional Radio lab.  The voice quality of their work is much clearer than when listing to the other podcast.

Having these as examples will help with my process as I create my own sound recordings.  I guess when I got the assignment I didn’t really see how I could record “A Day in the Life” without starting with my alarm going off in the morning, the water running as I brush my teeth, and grunts as I take vigorous notes in class.  I do not know how I want to do my piece at all. But at least I know to be a little more creative than an literal day in my life sound clip.




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