Mixing, Mingling, Shaking a Score

Jad and Robert are two rad fellas that host a radio show on radiolab (rehashing information you all know!). Now that that basic knowledge is now basic knowledge, I found this video on radio shows especially interesting because it shows HOW these THINGS come about. (“THINGS” referring to radio shows).

The way they describe the formation of their shows goes like this:

1. Find someone interesting to talk to.

2. Record talking to them.

3. Take snippets that are also interesting, and see how they work together.

4. Add themselves to the mix

5. Mix, mingle, and shake voices, music, and noises all around until something beautiful springs up – but always two guys talking.

6. Repeat.

These guys blend these noises – and lack of noises – so seamlessly that it makes me feel very comfortable. The way that there is a low bass that compliments their words in their introduction of their show, to the music that plays on a loop behind their words, to the sudden silences that subtly leave you feeling a tad empty without knowing why right away. These guys entice me to want to listen to more of their shows by seducing me with their other mediums other than just interesting content.

This video about podcasts was interesting because it was the only video – but it really showed me ways that podcasts can be especially interesting by directly stating how to do so.

I found the parts of the video most interesting were when they played short segments from one of their radio shows with the sounds they use. For example in the opening of their episode “Inheritance” from season 11, they do a lot of remixing with simple powerful sounds AND bounce back and forth between their two voices. The bass lines in the background remind me heavily of Everybody Loves Raymond, and put emphasis behind the words being said. They mention using the sounds they record as putting a score together, and come back to how in the end it’s just two guys talking. I think I may look into these guys a bit more, because they are mega interesting with their ideas* and such.


*Ideas as in just talking to interesting people, because why not.




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