How to Add Effects to Create a Fuller Sound

In some parts of my recording, I was thinking about adding some music. Although I think you have to have a knack for adding music eloquently, (which, I’m not sure that I do) I am going to try anyways. Essentially, you make a copy of the vocal/narration recording and use both to create a fuller sound – kind of like adding extra layers in Photoshop to create depth.


The first thing you want to do is get your two recordings – the vocal/narration and the music you want to include in the section. Then select (so it looks highlighted) the portion of your recording that you want to make fuller. You want to duplicate this track – Edit -> Duplicate (Command+D).




Then, you want to pan the doles of the duplicated tracks – one to the left, and the other to the right. This doesn’t make any changes to the sound, so you have to use the time shift button to push one track back and pull the other track forward.



You want to zoom in on the track so it is easier to use the time shift tool accurately. Using the marker as your guide, drag the top audio track a bit to the right (so it starts just after your mark). Then drag the bottom audio track a bit to the left (so it starts just before your mark). It will end up looking something like this:



You may want to play with the volume of the track since it’s fuller and may be overpowering. I feel like this will come in handy for those of you who have commentary and background music/noises. You can create fuller audio and play with the volume to create the desired effect.

Learning this has really made me think about how important timing is in an audio track. Theoretically I always knew, but I never thought about how one little shift can change the track completely. I think this really speaks to the theme of our class – making little tweaks in various forms of media is how remixes and archives are often made.   



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