tips for organized & speedy editing!

I have found a few and helpful, time-saving tips for Audacity that I thought I’d share. The first one has to do with the editing process. It can be very daunting to begin to edit with your entire recording laid out in front of you. The first thing you want to do is listen to your project and make some notes on the points of time which need editing.  You can use Audacity to make these notes. To do this, you click on tracks, add new, label track.   


To add a label you just click inside the new label track and type. So now you have points where you want to edit.


To create a label for an entire section rather than just a point, click the right triangle and drag across.


To add labels while you’re listening, you can hit “Ctrl M” on Windows, or “Cmd .” on Mac.

Next, you might find that you want to listen to your project faster–this way if you have hours of recordings, it won’t take you as long to listen through it. You can speed up the playback to 1.5 times faster or whatever speed you prefer. The voices will sound a little funny (mostly like chipmunks), but you’ll still be able to hear what’s said. You can do this by going up to the button that looks like this:


Adjust the slider to your desired speed. To play it at the speed you’ve set, you have to hit the green play button next to the slider. Hitting the normal play button will not have any effect.

Now you’ve probably listened to your recordings and made little notes as to where you want to edit. This is good. The next thing, however, that most people do is begin editing from the start of the recording.  This can really mess up your project, especially if you’ve made notes according to the time.  If you take a chunk out of the beginning, the audio will have been shortened, and all of your time points will have rippled back.  So to allow for this, you want to do what’s called “backwards” editing.  This means you start from the end of your project and edit that first, and work your way toward the beginning.

Hope these tips help speed up your editing process!!



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