DIY what the Bleep

Completely spaced on this last night, but here is my DIY post for using audacity.  And I must say I have been having some fun with this editing effect.

In order to bleep out some inappropriate language that some interviewees might use the fix is easy and quick.

Step one: highlight the inappropriate word being used.



Step two: Click on the tab “Generate” and then “Tone.”  This box should appear:



Step three: change the Frequency to 1000hz. because thats what the professionals do for television.


The highlighted word should change its frequency and will look like this:



You have successfully bleeped out a word! Listen for the play back:






One thought on “DIY what the Bleep

  1. Becca,

    This is great (and somehow manages to reflect your personality at the exact same time). I know that I could probably use this effect in my sound archive, because after the residents knocked on my door at 1AM, I had a few choice words that I let out once I closed my door. I also started exploring some of the other effects that can occur by changing the frequency, so thank you for bringing this to the attention of the class!

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