Make your voice sound like a newscaster!

Hello friends! I hope you are all having fun or reading a good book this temperate Friday evening. I am working from my bed with a bellyache. That gobblerito from Mad Mex was kinda worth it though.

This audacity trick may be more helpful for those of us working on an audio project more related to a recovery story or the past. You can feign your own historical news broadcasts by making a few simple adjustments to your voice recording.

I read and recorded a paragraph from a CNN news article about Toronto’s crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford to try out this effect. The dude is crazy!

1) Okay so first you want to record your audio in audacity. At the top toolbar on audacity, click “Effect” and then select “Equalization

2) A window for the Equalization controls will pop up. Set your top slider to 30 dB.


3) Go back to “Effects” and select “Low Pass Filter” (you’ll need to scroll in the Effects menu to find it. It is toward the bottom)

4) In the Low Pass Filter effects window, set the Rolloff to 12 dB and Cuttoff Frequency to 2000. You may want to play with the Cuttoff frequency a bit to find the sweet spot. Everyone’s  voice is different. I think mine is naturally a bit lower and 2000 worked well for me. To me, this effect makes the recording sound like a news broadcast being heard through an old t.v. I’m sure if I recorded in a more “new-anchory” voice, it would sound even better.


There you have it! Fake your own vintage news broadcasts in a snap!

Happy weekend. Happy homeworking?



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