Radio Effect in Audacity

You know on talk radio, on sports shows especially, when they have callers chime in? It’s kind of an AM radio thing, but NPR does it a lot too. If you think you’re audio documentary has a couple too may voices that sound similar or if you’re just trying to differentiate, the radio effect can be a great way to underscore different speakers.

It’s also good for creating that sort of “call-in” type of testimonial/opinion that gives talk shows that common-man type of credibility. It makes the person sound like they’re talking from a cell-phone even if they aren’t. I think it’s just a cool way to make the sound come across as official even thought it’s…erm…an unofficial means of doing it? Just trust me and try it.

Here’s how you do it—there’s a lot of adjusting on top of effects, so don’t think it’s get repetitive. I’ll be sad if you think that.

  1. Highlight the clip you want to adjust
  2. Click effect + High pass filter
  3. Set the “roll off” to 12 decibels (this will make the clip noticeably quieter)
  4. Click effect + Amplify  + Okay
  5. Click effect + Low pass filter
  6. Set the roll off to 6 decibels
  7. Go back to High Pass filter (set to 6 decibels)
  8. Amplify again
  9. Go to back to low pass filter
  10. Amplify it one more time if you have to, because you’ll get something that’s muffled (like we want) but we want it to be loud.

11. Now, we’re going to make a new track under that one, so click new track

12. Click generate + noise, set to white noise, amplitude .2, and duration 000.00X seconds (however many seconds your clips is)

13. Highlight the new white noise clip and amplify it

14. Click effect + High pass filter and set to 12 decibels

15. Click effect + High low filter and set to 6 decibels

16. Then repeat those steps only flip the decibels in each

17. Adjust the amplification to how you want it

18. Copy and paste however long you want the effect underneath

19. Then party.



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