audio documentary: pink lemonade

an audio documentary about the weekly radio show i host (called pink lemonade) with my co-host natalie benoy every week on wpts radio.



2 thoughts on “audio documentary: pink lemonade

  1. Kayla-this was really interesting! I think you did a fantastic job of layering in different sounds and music clips. I really liked how you did an audio documentary about your radio show with your co-host. That whole set up made it feel like we were getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes view of what you guys do. Great pace as well, it was easy to follow.

  2. For a second I thought I was listening to NPR there. I can tell you have experience with this sort of thing because you and your co-host seem to have conversation and questions that keep the topic interesting. I’m sure you still had to do lots of editing but it really does come off as if you had a steady conversation through and through. Your radio voice is very nice to the ear as well, kudos girl.

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