audio project



3 thoughts on “audio project

  1. Not only was your use of different sound elements very good, but I loved the subject you chose to do this project on! I am also feeling the pain of this semester being worse than any other and it was encouraging to hear that it is healthy to give your brain a break occasionally and that balance is healthy. Now if only there could be more hours in the day….

  2. I can totally relate to you. Why did we think senior year would be easier? Who fooled us. I agree with Sarah, great sound elements. The opening high pitch sound is attention getting because you’re not sure where this story is going…is it a creepy thriller or is it about you’re brain going berserk? Who knew it would be the latter? Great job.

  3. Since I followed the same concept in my piece, it was very cool to hear how you conceptualized a day in your stressed life. I would have never thought of making noise effects to document how your brain feels. Additionally, it was smart to include your friend’s psychological perspective because it supports your claim of making time for fun. Overall great job!


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