Blog Post Prompt #12: Rhythm Science

For this blog post, consider what DJ Spooky is saying on page 016, where he first lectures “young composers” who “need to think about the world around them…” and then laments that “too many people continue looking backwards to 12-tone music and Wagner” (016). He continues on the next page, “The same track? The same beat? Day after day, night after night…”(016). He calls this method or style “the changing same.”

Write a blog post in which you attempt to think *with* DJ Spooky on this issue. You might begin by considering what he means by the changing same? How does it fit into or fall outside of his notion of rhythm science? Remix? Sampling? Or his overall project? Then, examine some implications of this argument in terms of the archive, remix and/or our class.

Stay close to the text, use quotes, and be careful readers. Pose at least one question for class discussion. Try to avoid any large claims or generalities–think specifics and particularities as you articulate a response. 

**Blog post responses, as always, should be proofread, 300 words, and thought-provoking.

***Please categorize your blog posts! Do it for this one and every other one you’ve written for the class. I will not grade the blog post unless it’s in the proper category (because it’s much easier to find this way). 


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