On Writing Audio Documentary

A day in the life of a writer.



2 thoughts on “On Writing Audio Documentary

  1. I really love the background noises you use. This piece has undeniable tempo and rhythm, and you were able turn an otherwise internal experience, into a living, breathing thing. I loosely define myself as a writer, so it was interesting to hear what sort of implications such an identity has on people. This was smoothly layered with clear purpose. Great job.


  2. This turned out wonderfully. Like Brett said, the piece has a tempo that you just cant ignore. Paired with your poetic language and tone scattered throughout, the piece made me think that it followed the pace and structure of a poem. It questioned ideals and thoughts on writing, turning internal musings into a discussion of what writing can be. Since I’m a writing major, I liked hearing your ideas of how writing is still valuable and that we dissect the human experience. Interesting thought. Nice job!
    – Tara

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