Audio Project

I promise I had this done and posted on my website by midnight last night, but missed the email saying to post it here. *facepalm*


3 thoughts on “Audio Project

  1. Since we listened to your project in class, it was really interesting to see how you made changes. They made the piece come together perfectly. The music used around :39 works well with the tone of the story, nice choice. Same with the noise effects at the end of the piece. You tie it all together nicely with the idea of “it’s important to know where you’re coming, as long as you know where you come from.” This makes me want to record my grandparents! Good job. Now that this is all completed, is there any part of the story you wish to possibly revisit?

  2. Ellie, I love the way that this piece sounds. I feel like I know your grandma, even though I only listened to her speak for a few minutes. She is so full of life. Somehow, you managed to facilitate her completely falling back into the memory of her meeting your grandpa. Its like she was standing in those moments as she was telling the story. And the music was such a great touch, it brought out even more emotion in me as I was listening tot it. Has your grandma heard this? I think that she would love to hear how wonderfully you represented her story! Great job!

  3. Well this is just adorable. I really liked your minimalist use of sound effects. You have a soft soundtrack and some sound effects like a whirring engine, but for the most part you allow your grandmother to tell her story in her own words and with her own voice. She is so vibrant and clearly enthused about recalling how she met your grandfather. This audio documentary is a great complementary piece to your photo essay–they each tell us a little bit more about who your grandparents are by telling the same story. It motivated me to think about asking my grandparents similar stories about growing up, how they met, et cetera. This piece is also interesting to a broader audience because it conveys a lot about the time period in which the story takes place. In today’s world, we might expect a date to text us that they’re outside, but your great-grandfather’s reaction to your grandmother’s date whistling for her says a lot about what was expected and regarded as respectful by protective fathers many years ago.

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