Audio Project

Like several of my classmates, I finished this and turned it into CourseWeb yesterday but didn’t recieve the email to post it here. 😦 But here it is now!


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About J.E.B.

Six years ago I moved across the state to attend the University of Pittsburgh. I fell in love with this place and this city. But this blog is a little bit more than that - it's for all the people like me, who have passion and a thirst for exploration but don't totally know where they're going. I'm just trying to navigate my way. Life is an adventure, and this is my travel log.

One thought on “Audio Project

  1. Ever since we heard your audio project in class, I have been eager to hear the finished project. I love how you utilized the ticking clock. It gives us a sense of time passing and transition between the sections of the project. I love how we hear your internal thoughts over the events of your day. It’s familiar, because we all do similar things throughout our days. I really loved this!

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