DJ Spooky Knows How to Party

“It’s the twenty-first century.  Things should be really wild.  Anything else is boring.”  Well this explains a hell of a lot.  According to the Changing Same it’s basically wrong/should be illegal to stop creating, changing, and making new out of old.  When grandpa says,  “Back in my day we never did things like that!” it means that his grandpa probably didn’t do the same thing he did either and we should expect our grandkids to do even more unbelievable stuff than we do.  Wow that was a mouthful.  (This may come off negative but if you look at it from a standpoint of say, iPhones or the Polio Vaccine, it sounds a heck of a lot better).  And what if we did the same exact “stuff” that our grandparents did.  How boring would that be?  “ Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  This sounded like some sort of horrible prison sentence when I first read it.  Life would become one sorry cycle of boredom, birth, life, death, birth, life, death.  You get the point.

The reason it is so important that we keep “offering iterations of versions and versions of everything, all changing all the time” is so that we can keep our future fresh and exciting, give people something to live for.  And lately it seems to be moving faster than ever.  When I was reading DJ Spooky’s part about “every story leading to another story to another story to another story” reminded me of a class I took last semester—Indo European Folktales.  In a nutshell, hundreds of years ago the Grimm Brothers wrote horror stories for parents to tell their kids so they wouldn’t disobey them.  Through out the centuries those stories have evolved.  Now these stories go something like, “pretty, pretty princes, trouble, prince, happily ever after.”  No wonder kids don’t obey their parents anymore!  Anyway, after learning about archives through this semester and then reading DJ Spooky, the meaning of Folktales kind of changed to me.  The way DJ Spooky talks about archiving and changing the current to make something new and actually newsworthy makes me realize how important it is, not just on a digital media level but on an EVERYTHING level.  But, class: unless I took this class and watched all the puzzle pieces fall into place I don’t neccessarilty know if I would agree that archiving and creation is really that important.  How can we show our peers and the youngins’ following in our footsteps that it’s uber-important to keep creating and keep this future new and exciting??



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