DJ Spooky & the Changing Same

When I first started reading this book, I was unsure about what DJ Spooky was talking about with Rhythm Science, and even further, what the “changing same” could mean.

As I continued to read, I realized something I hadn’t ever thought about before. There is most likely no sound that hasn’t been heard before.  I mean, think about it.  That doesn’t mean we have each individually heard every noise to exist, but unlike images or words that we might be surprised to see or understand, are we often surprised to hear a specific sound? Sure, we are startled when a loud buzzer goes off, or when our stomach makes a funny noise. But it’s familiar. Maybe I’m completely wrong about this, it’s just an initial thought, but one I’d like to explore in the future.  On page 017, DJ Spooky says, ” All of which points to the fact that it’s not so much new ways of hearing that are needed, but new perceptions of what we can hear.”  So maybe he disagrees with me.  But in a different perspective I agree with him as well.  While I still believe that most noises have been created and that there aren’t new ones to be made, that is very different than saying that new ways of hearing can’t be made.  I still think that we can change what we hear, manipulate the “same” thing and “change” it into something remixed. Like a Dj. But does that mean the sounds haven’t been heard? Or is it just that it’s in a new format, structure, frame of mind?

That was probably a rant that might have left you confused about where I stand on this. But to be honest, that’s exactly where I am, a bit confused.

As for the changing same, DJ Spooky plays with the idea that nothing we create is truly new or different.  It is a reflection of our culture, seeing all around us we take in experiences and change what is the same idea  into our own perspective, over and over, time and time again. This falls right into the notion of remixing and archives in our class. Our projects, for example, are completely comprised of remixed archives. We’ve taken stories, objects, people and ideas that have existed before and changed them into whatever our creative desire might be.  Is there anyway we could have avoided archives? Everything from writing a script to special audio effects have existed somewhere in our culture. We’ve taken it in, chewed it up, and spit it back out. It might not look the same, but it is the same.

Hopefully someone understands this because I had a lot of fun thinking about it, but not the easiest time conveying it.



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