Elements of Remixing

Before I begin discussing the changing same, I want to take a step back to a few passages before this discussion. I feel the underlying element of understanding the changing same stems from what DJ Spooky says about technology’s core existence. “Future generations won’t have a ‘dependency’ on technology. They will have technology as a core aspect of their existence – as much as the languages we speak, the air we breathe, and the food that we eat are all aspects of technology.” (16) When I think about this passage, I compare it to my younger cousins and the technology they use. I have an eight year old cousin that knows  more about her iPad than I do, and I’m 22. Technology is something inherent, something that’s part of human beings, and something that they can feel deep within their soul – it’s already programmed into them.

After I began wrapping my head around that aspect of the text, I then approached the changing same, which he defines as ‘offering iterations of versions and versions of everything, all change all the time.’ The way I’ve been thinking about it (in the most simplistic way) is it begins with something – the original source. Then, over time new creations are made from tweaking the original source in the most minute way. Based upon who the audience is and changing tastes, this can have infinite options. Or can it ?

I feel that DJ Spooky wants to convince and empower the reader to be constantly creating, remixing, DJ-ing, sampling, and repeating. “Rhythm science makes possible…tries to convey a sense of how conceptual art, contemporary technology, and timeless idealism might function today.” (20) This passage brings things full circle for me when considering remixing and archives. DJ Spooky wants us to visualize creatively, interact with technology and reflect on past principles. Archiving and remixing follow the same pattern – you start with an idea or source, use the appropriate outlet for your creation and make the archive or remix with influence of the past. Is the process that simple? Or is it the synergy and interaction between these three elements that truly makes an archive or remix?

– LH


1 thought on “Elements of Remixing

  1. I really liked your reflection on your younger cousins and technology being already programmed into them. It’s really interesting to consider that we were one of the first generations to grow up with computers and such, but there is a new generation that ARE technology. They can pick up the language of technology just as easily as learning the alphabet.

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