Remixin’ Til the Break of Dawn

So much of our world today is made up of remixes. A movie’s structure, scenes, and camera angles begin to look the same as a movie from the past. Album after album, even within different genres of music, had the same beat as one another. While each new track or take on this media changes the original piece, it is still the same. So as DJ Spooky says “many movie soundtracks sound like heavy-handed treatments of The Ring Cycle’s overtures” and he is correct. We repeat the same song, but by changing it in the slightest way we create something that we can consider to be new and original. Remixing and electronic dance music have allowed for a new style of music to be born. We no longer listen to “the same track” or “the same beat” day after day and night after night. We have created something new. And we have the ability to change that one song as many times as we want to. DJ’s will remix songs together to create a new sound. Most notably, the popular DJ “Girl Talk” in which we discussed in the very beginning of the semester makes a living off of other people’s work. I personally love his music and am so entertained by the sporadic attitude of the musician. For our remix projects, we are attempting to be like Girl Talk. For my group particularly I think our end result will be as sporadic as Girl Talk’s music. The way in which we intend to mix our archives together will keep the listeners/viewers on their toes. We wouldn’t want a set pattern like the old music followed but instead mash everything into one piece to create something new and alive. We were specifically told that we can only use work from our class and that because it is for class copyright laws did not apply. How could the term remix fit into plagiarism and copyright laws?


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