Technology: A Part of Being Human

So many of the remixes and mashups I find myself coming across are “the best of…” one time period or another, be it summer 2013 or the ’90s. As DJ Spooky describes,”Dj-ing lets you take the best of what’s out there and give your own take on it.” The artists of such mashups do just that. They look back on what has been produced, collect the pieces they like- beats, rhythms, lyrics, vocals- and create their own piece of art to add to the public archive. This sampling of other artists work is what Spooky refers to as part of the “changing same.” While these artists limit themselves to what has already been produced- hence the same– they combine and manipulate these pieces to produce something changed.

Perhaps it is because like Spooky, many others “can’t think of a sound [they] haven’t heard or couldn’t make” that remix culture is so prevalent. Is it that creating something completely new and different is just that difficult because of the sheer volume of songs, movies, and plots that has already been produced? To avoid crossover or similarities with everything that has been previously produced is- in my opinion- impossible. That is not to say that creativity is dead or that progress cannot be made. But simply, that all creativity and progress are possible because of where they are able to begin based on preexisting archives.

Spooky describes that technology is becoming an intrinsic, “core aspect” of human existence. Just as early humans developed spoken language as a means of communication and this original language grew and developed, branching into different languages in some cases, technology is becoming an integral part of our communication. It is growing and affecting each generation more and more deeply. “Children… aren’t alienated from these technological and geographical phenomenon, they are born into them.” If we are at the beginning of technology being a part of being human, where will we take it? As language has completely transformed throughout it’s history of being part of being human, how will technology transform?


One thought on “Technology: A Part of Being Human

  1. Those final questions are really spot on. Most of us have grown up with technology, and it’s easy for us to learn the ins and outs of anything new presented to us. And sometimes it’s hard, as we all know when trying to figure out HTML or the Adobe Suite. But what about those that are just being born now? They’re not going to have to learn the language of technology – they will BE the language of technology. Kind of crazy, since we (at least I) always like to say that my generation is the most technologically savvy.

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