The Creative Desire

When DJ Spooky refers to “the changing same,” I think essentially he’s talking about the essence of the remix. In the beginning of the semester, we watched a video about how a remix doesn’t mean that something is the same as it was originally, but it is instead a variation of an old concept. It is changing the same.

People find comfort in familiarity. We hear songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and think of when we were infants. We hear Vitamin C’s “Friends Forever” and think of graduation. These songs are comforting reminders of our past. Whether it is obvious or not, using variations of the old or the “same” is what we need in order to find a creative balance.

The quotes selected to be on the colorful pages, which seem to be artwork more than literature, are essentially a remix of this very book. DJ Spooky selected phrases that were prominent, just like musicians pick out the most compelling parts of a song to accentuate in their remix.

On page 29, DJ Spooky writes, “If I internalize the environment around me, who is going to control how the information eventually resurfaces? It’s an uncanny situation; the creative act becomes a dispersion of self.” Restricting yourself and your ideas deprives the world of yourself, and deprives you of your freedom to express your own ideas. The idea of remixing and rhythm science seems to be about controlling your ideas and allowing the world to experience everything that everyone has to offer.

Do you feel as though internalizing the environment harms the world, or does it provide more opportunities for others to flourish? The essence of a person doesn’t have to be expressed through a unique idea or creation, but is this what we need to feel accomplished. Basically, I wonder if “the changing same” is enough to satisfy the human desire to create.

– TS


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