wanted: changing same

When I think “changing same”, I think of the fact that learning artists must first learn the styles of the old before they learn the styles of the new. I think of the fact that in pop culture, the old is constantly being repackaged as the new, across so many different spectrums: covers of songs, remakes of movies, etc. However, where does one draw the line between remixing and simply re-purposing? I wonder if the real goal here is not necessarily to create something entirely new, but to instead embody and promote change.

DJ Spooky challenges us to take what is around us and turn it into something new. He challenges us to live in a state of mind that constantly perpetuates changes, despite that being “against the basic principles of physics!” He argues that people like electronic artists and DJs have ceased to see the components of the world in terms of their holistic value, but instead as pieces that can be manipulated to create new wholes. For example, a normal person might hear a pop song on the radio and think it’s catchy and sing along. But a DJ, or someone living in this “changing same” mindset, what was a song to one person is a melody, or a bass line, or a lyric, or a word, or a sound.

In regards to our class, I thought the following line resonated: “The method becomes ‘actionary’ rather than ‘re-actionary’- you end up with a culture that is healthier and more dynamic.” This reminded me of the very first class we had, in which we talked about the shift from being consumers to being producers. And although we may not use these skills everyday, I feel like learning how to be, as DJ Spooky so eloquently put, actionary has started to rewire my brain into thinking more like one of the members of the “changing same” club. Suddenly things around me have the potential to become new things, all by my hands! Or, I suppose, in reality they always have had that potential, I just hadn’t realized my own yet.

So, my question to you is, as we reach the end of our course, have you too joined the ranks of the “changing same”?



2 thoughts on “wanted: changing same

  1. I really love your distinction between re-purposing and remixing. Your introduction makes me think of a younger girl I know who thought a remake of a movie was the original. With technology and culture today, is the original still valued as much ?


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