Blog Post Prompt#13: Record Yourself

Hello class,

For the last blog post, I  want to do something fun. Instead of a remix analysis, which we will do in class together, will you, instead, video record each other in regards to our class? I want to make a little movie of our class for future courses, so I thought you might comment on the following things in 2 minute clips: first impressions, what you knew coming in and what you know now, processes, cool things you made, future advice (this one is important–please end your clips with future advice).  

You may include other tidbits. I will then edit this and put it up on our course website (with your permissions, of course) and show it on our last day as a way of reflecting on our time together.  Feel free to just film yourself through iMovie or iPhone.

Since we have a class google drive and email account, I thought you all could upload your video clips there and title them as “class video_yourname”

These will be due by Thanksgiving and they are worth 2 points, so do a good job.

As always, looking forward to it.



2 thoughts on “Blog Post Prompt#13: Record Yourself

  1. This sounds pretty cool! But just a bit confused about the wording of the prompt. Are we recording ourselves? Or other people in the class? I’m assuming ourselves but the first sentence says ” video record each other in regards to our class” so I just thought I should clarify!

    Thanks, Tara

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