Remixing Your Home

Check out our remix!! Lauren and I hope you enjoy what we did with a few of our classes archived materials. Thanks for making this class so amazing–it was so nice meeting and working with you all! Good luck on finals and happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “Remixing Your Home

  1. This remix does a really good job of making the viewer aware that it is a remix, through the use of transitions (scratchy, phone static noise, twirling/warping the screen, black out with the horizontal lines, etc). So interesting that you pulled the concept of “home” from all of our blog post babble about website HOMEpages!

    Cool stuff. Nice work!

  2. I love the use of our blog posts about our websites! The word homepage in the textual transitions – I really enjoyed how more and more were introduced with each transition. It was a clever way of transitioning while keeping the viewer enticed. Nice work!

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